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    by R. Gun . 1 out of 5 stars

    OK it got a little of the Neve sound like the 1081 but sincerly i would not buy it again.
    The EQ is extremly jumpy in therms of sensitive to turning the levelknob. First nearly nothing happens and then nealy to the end it starts gripping in. Yes you can say that is good, i want full control over the filigane tweaks and in the wild zone (+-12 db) the last 0.5 db don´t matter exactly. But i do not like that .
    The sound is not bad, really , but compaired to other EQ there´s nothing you can resolve only with RS88.

    The Gate nearly always makes slight clics and works only with spiky signals. Forget E-pianos.
    The Compressor can never work as leveler. It got a special character, a ton of that, but in a chanelstrip i need a neutral workin one, or?
    And where is the 3 step release, exept in auto mode i can´ hear it nor see it on the meter, and there its only two step.
    May mine got an electrical worm in it (defective parts)? Should i believe that, anyone?

    Sorry : dissappointed especially for the price.

    Pro: few CPU consumtion and sidechain ability.

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    by J. Ancillon . 1 out of 5 stars

    i purchase 88 rs channel s trip2 years ago ... but today i 'm remaining to be convinced about the efficiency of this plug-ins !!!!
    is it too hard and complex to a good setting ?
    is it a good effect on sound ?
    Are there enough presets ?
    Do you think in fact , the presets for each plugs-ins are the best instructive-way to learn a good setting ?
    Uad 2 is a real problem with latency on Mac and logic , please tell me if your team programming works on the better integration ...also 64 bits formats !!!!

    Why is it not possible to change a product that's become unprofitable ?
    Learn english is nice ... but i'm not sure to understand every thing , so ,manual french translate will be not unneeded

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    by K. Brahim . 1 out of 5 stars

    the best conerie goog life of algerienne musique ha

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